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Take a peek into my Magical world where every movement, every word, every feeling comes to life….BeautifulEmotions Poetry is a collection of poems that are my original compositions inspired by life, experiences and people. Dedicated to all my dreamers who believe that love is a beautiful thing...No matter how much it can hurt sometimes. Peace and Love - Fab1

Saturday, May 11, 2013

BeautifulEmotions-Poetry: The Walk!

BeautifulEmotions-Poetry: The Walk!: You don't realize how attached you were to something until you start to let go. I'm trying to find a middle ground... Somewhere in m...

The Walk!

You don't realize how attached you were to something until you start to let go.
I'm trying to find a middle ground...
Somewhere in my excitement over my accomplishment,
Nervousness for now and fear of what's ahead. 
I should be happy. I am happy. 
I see people I know. They were now family. 
Tears cloud my eyes as I make my way up.

Every color around me suddenly brings back a sweet memory. 
And the hole in my chest when I realize its all over. 
This is it. 
After today, it all changes.

My name?
And then it comes down to these last few steps.
I feel everyone of them.
Everything around me starts to fade. 
All I can hear are my own breaths,
And these last few steps. 
And all so faintly,
I hear them. 
These strangers, that grew to love me.
Screaming, cheering, my name.
I see us. I see fun, I see laughter, I see comfort. 
I see love. 

I look up. I smile. I smile when I think of you.
I receive my victory, I say thank you to you.
Thank you for my life. 
Thank you for making me so lucky....
...Thank you for my life.
I look her in the eye. My new found strength.
I take what's mine. 
I earned it. 
I made it!

Friday, May 3, 2013

BeautifulEmotions-Poetry: Still Standing!

BeautifulEmotions-Poetry: Still Standing!: I feel his eyes. I feel his eyes on me. I feel his eyes, so I turn around slowly, ...Slowly as if to catch a glimpse of the room. But re...

Still Standing!

I feel his eyes.
I feel his eyes on me.
I feel his eyes, so I turn around slowly,
...Slowly as if to catch a glimpse of the room.
But really, I catch a glimpse of him.
Our eyes meet.
But he doesn't startle.
He stares hard.
He stares hard not giving me a chance,
To make sense of my feelings.
He looks me in the eye,
Like its the only chance he'll get to see my face.
I flash a quick smile.
I pretend to look around some more,
And slowly back to my reading.

I squint my eyes a little, as I try to understand him,
My lips remain tight while I laugh under my breath.
He tries hard to impress me,
Paying attention to every word I say,
He knows his approval depends on it.
Trying to read my mind,
Desperate to know if I feel the same.
But he gets nothing...I give away nothing.

I see the eyes of attraction!
Am I so irresistible, you can't help but stare?
Oh you are so terrible at hiding it.
But then again, I like how you show it.
The thrilling thought of a possible new love,
The kind that gets you so excited you forget,
The promises you made never to try again.
To be wanted, begged, to be adored...

Barely paying attention to what he says,
Selfishness has never felt so sexy.
To be the one on his mind all the time.
And the worry in his face at the hint of rejection.

His words deafened by my own thoughts.
Yet it still sounds like music to my ears.
Somewhere in the blur his voice gets louder...
...I think about you all the time...
Yes...Yes, I want you to think about me all the time.
I want you to think about me all day.
And get nothing done,
Because of me!
And when your friends stop making sense,
You'd rather be by my side.

The feeling before you decide to love a man,
Before your heart is stolen.
You enjoy it!
You enjoy the moment, you enjoy the affection...the attention.
You enjoy it before his charm wins you over,
And He follows you.
He follows you because He worships you.
He worships you, because he is fallen,
He is fallen,...And you are still standing!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Micro-Poetry: My Miracle!

Micro-Poetry: My Miracle!: I am not from this world! I Couldn't be from this world. Did I not know pain? But then again, did I know love? Who am I to judge the...

My Miracle!

I am not from this world!
I Couldn't be from this world.
Did I not know pain?
But then again, did I know love?
Who am I to judge the good before feeling the bad.
As I walk down this path,
Learning how to want what I want.
Learning to feel Power, distracted by Emotion.
Driven by Faith, seeking comfort in Hope.
Knowing my time is coming.
Patiently, I wait for My Miracle.

At the The peak of your Emotions,
Every hug is the last hug.
So you hold on tight and feel every moment of it.
Every vein weakens, you shiver, you have fear, your heart is pounding.
You don't know if you have the strength in you to let go.
You want to let go....for some reason you cant.

To let go of something you care for so deeply,
You think you're ready when suddenly,
You want to keep holding on one last time.

And you, Maybe you will stand there without words,
Without motion,
The movement of your hands,
Not knowing where to place them.
The sigh of relief, the shock of reality.
Maybe you would be just as surprised by your own presence.

I keep my eyes on you,
I don't want to miss this gaze, I cant miss this gaze.
And to catch you if you tried to fly away.
So I keep my eyes on you,
As I slowly walk towards you.
I see the way you look at me,
It's my turn to play.

I feel my feet quicken, slowed by your embrace,
We hold each other so tight.
We're fighting the universe,
From pulling us apart.

I hold you so tight, I hold you with my life.
My face buried in your chest, my hands hold your neck.
No depth can cover the questions in mind.
But no one speaks.
The Past, that doesn't matter.
This is the future...This is now.
Right here, This is it...where we want to be.

And from here on, we are reborn.
Every laugh feels like a louder cry,
A celebration of a heavy heart,
Relieved of its pain.
And my Tears, They sooth the wounds,
Where the weight scratched my chest.

And we don't care, we just hold each other.
We stand there, afraid to speak.
Afraid to say the wrong words.
And me, afraid to wake myself up.

But I am not asleep. I can see you.
I can feel you. I see your smile, your charm.
Your presence is around me, I feel it.
And when you come to my world,
Maybe you will feel my magic.
I have Power, Still distracted by Emotion,
On the wheels of Faith, finding comfort in Hope.
Knowing my time is coming.
So Patiently, I wait for My Miracle.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Bloody Walls

I burst through the door praying for a lie.
But all my cries were held by my breath.
The cell phone fell to the floor as I run to Her.
I feared She was dead too.
She lay there, face buried in chest. Palms covered with earth.
I tried to make up my mind, if She was alive, looking hard to watch Her breathe.
But my own breaths overpowered my sight.
My strength left my body, dropping me onto my knees.
She rose...slowly, body shaking with fright.
Strands of hair, dripping blood marked Her face, covering Her clouded eyes.
Her lips parted as if to speak, but fear silenced Her words.

She fell into my arms, allowing me to witness His fate.
Lead moulded into His body...His soul....His mind.
I had never seen one so helpless...Him so helpless.
My insides twirled as my She tightened Her grip onto me.
I put my hand on Her head and let Her lay on my shoulder.
Her hands trembled on the wood. Her fingers bleeding. Her nails ripped off.

My feet shattered, I crawled to Him.
Leaning closer, His skin smelt of whiskey.
His eyes firing hate.
How could a wished moment create so much terror.
I had heart enough to touch Him, but She wouldn't let me.
Her shaking hands covered my cheeks. Her speech held back by Her cries.
I read her lips. Staying was not an option.

A bullet cold parted her mother's brain as She raced to the car.
She dropped the gun and slowly walked towards the door.
Placing her foot on the body that lay to the side and pushing it down to lay on its back.
Wiping away Her existence, she folded the weapon into her mother's fingers.
And poured herself a glass of whiskey...and drunk half of it...
Pouring the rest over her mother's body, and letting the glass fall along with the last drop.

I took short breaths as my eyes looked upon the sin that painted the walls of my Home.
The scratches on the Floor. A woman being dragged.
A strain of blood where Her head tempted the strength of the bricks.
A child penetrated by her own father and beaten numb by her drugged womb.
Covered in blood filled whiskey and Laughing amidst the clouds of cocaine.

Sniffing what was left of the powder, stacking what was left of the savings.
Throwing the bloody clothes onto the couch and setting them ablaze.
Raving down the dusty road and watching the last of my past glowing in the dark.