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Take a peek into my Magical world where every movement, every word, every feeling comes to life….BeautifulEmotions Poetry is a collection of poems that are my original compositions inspired by life, experiences and people. Dedicated to all my dreamers who believe that love is a beautiful thing...No matter how much it can hurt sometimes. Peace and Love - Fab1

Friday, May 3, 2013

Still Standing!

I feel his eyes.
I feel his eyes on me.
I feel his eyes, so I turn around slowly,
...Slowly as if to catch a glimpse of the room.
But really, I catch a glimpse of him.
Our eyes meet.
But he doesn't startle.
He stares hard.
He stares hard not giving me a chance,
To make sense of my feelings.
He looks me in the eye,
Like its the only chance he'll get to see my face.
I flash a quick smile.
I pretend to look around some more,
And slowly back to my reading.

I squint my eyes a little, as I try to understand him,
My lips remain tight while I laugh under my breath.
He tries hard to impress me,
Paying attention to every word I say,
He knows his approval depends on it.
Trying to read my mind,
Desperate to know if I feel the same.
But he gets nothing...I give away nothing.

I see the eyes of attraction!
Am I so irresistible, you can't help but stare?
Oh you are so terrible at hiding it.
But then again, I like how you show it.
The thrilling thought of a possible new love,
The kind that gets you so excited you forget,
The promises you made never to try again.
To be wanted, begged, to be adored...

Barely paying attention to what he says,
Selfishness has never felt so sexy.
To be the one on his mind all the time.
And the worry in his face at the hint of rejection.

His words deafened by my own thoughts.
Yet it still sounds like music to my ears.
Somewhere in the blur his voice gets louder...
...I think about you all the time...
Yes...Yes, I want you to think about me all the time.
I want you to think about me all day.
And get nothing done,
Because of me!
And when your friends stop making sense,
You'd rather be by my side.

The feeling before you decide to love a man,
Before your heart is stolen.
You enjoy it!
You enjoy the moment, you enjoy the affection...the attention.
You enjoy it before his charm wins you over,
And He follows you.
He follows you because He worships you.
He worships you, because he is fallen,
He is fallen,...And you are still standing!

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