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Take a peek into my Magical world where every movement, every word, every feeling comes to life….BeautifulEmotions Poetry is a collection of poems that are my original compositions inspired by life, experiences and people. Dedicated to all my dreamers who believe that love is a beautiful thing...No matter how much it can hurt sometimes. Peace and Love - Fab1

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Walk!

You don't realize how attached you were to something until you start to let go.
I'm trying to find a middle ground...
Somewhere in my excitement over my accomplishment,
Nervousness for now and fear of what's ahead. 
I should be happy. I am happy. 
I see people I know. They were now family. 
Tears cloud my eyes as I make my way up.

Every color around me suddenly brings back a sweet memory. 
And the hole in my chest when I realize its all over. 
This is it. 
After today, it all changes.

My name?
And then it comes down to these last few steps.
I feel everyone of them.
Everything around me starts to fade. 
All I can hear are my own breaths,
And these last few steps. 
And all so faintly,
I hear them. 
These strangers, that grew to love me.
Screaming, cheering, my name.
I see us. I see fun, I see laughter, I see comfort. 
I see love. 

I look up. I smile. I smile when I think of you.
I receive my victory, I say thank you to you.
Thank you for my life. 
Thank you for making me so lucky....
...Thank you for my life.
I look her in the eye. My new found strength.
I take what's mine. 
I earned it. 
I made it!

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